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Time is what gives value to objects

When the beauty, harmony and simplicity of a jewel continue to conquer you in time, it means that the jeweler has worked with inspiration and passion. He was able to select the gems, draw the shapes and give a special meaning to the work he did.

Our commitment has always been to select, implement and offer our customers jewelry that possesses these characteristics: fluent lines, material quality, execution expertise.



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Gioielleria Peverelli

Jewelry Como Lake

Carefully chosen and worn for passion, jewels are loaded with the ancient energy that has always been part of their essence. Objects made by the hands of expert craftsmen in love with their work which give a special touch to our style and can make a date unforgettable or strengthen a relationship.


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Orari Showroom

Gioielleria, Via Milano 79, Como
  • Tuesday-Saturday: 9.00 > 12.30 • 15.00 > 19.00
  • Sunday and Monday: Close

Gioielleria, Via Vittorio Emanuele II 43, Como
  • Tuesday-Saturday: 10.00 > 13.00 • 15.00 > 19.00
  • Sunday and Monday: Close
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